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De Soi-Champignon Dreams

De Soi-Champignon Dreams

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Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

Champignon Dreams is made with a dreamy duo of reishi mushroom and passion flower to ease you into the evening. Juicy and balanced, this apéritif has notes of sticky summer strawberries, bitter grapefruit, and earth for a good time in a glass.

35 calories - vegan - gluten free - nothing artificial



Ease into the evening with relaxing reishi mushroom and passion flower. This dreamy duo is meant for kicking back with a snack and chillin’.

Maple Syrup - Passion Flower - Reishi Mushroom

Check out De Soi's Ingredient Glossary for additional details about all their adaptogens.


Juicy and balanced, with notes of sticky summer strawberries, bitter grapefruit, and earth. A good time in a glass.



Pour them into a pretty glass, and enjoy. Ice and garnishes are welcome, but not required.

Champignon Dreams up for the party with a grapefruit peel and a slice of strawberry.



Mushroom risotto, stinky cheese, olives, lamb tagine, pad thai.

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