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Floriography Seed Packet - Lavender (Serenity)

Floriography Seed Packet - Lavender (Serenity)

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Hand-drawn by lettering artist Kristen De Palma and printed on premium cardstock with luxe matte gold foil details, each seed packet features a to/from and custom message area on the back & an explanation of the floriography meaning behind the botanical for the perfect thoughtful, all-in-one gift. Seeds are sourced sustainably from partners in Canada, and all seeds are organic / non-GMO.

LAVENDER // SERENITY Lavandula angustifolia • PERENNIAL Lavender’s distinctive and soothing fragrance has long been used in aromatherapy, as its therapeutic properties promote relaxation and well-being. Their beauty can be enjoyed year-round, as lavender flowers make the perfect addition to a dried flower arrangement. May these beautiful purple blooms bring you an inner sense of calm amidst the chaos. Contains: Approximately 20 seeds. 

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