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Floriography Seed Packet - Vintage Rainbow Poppies (Success)

Floriography Seed Packet - Vintage Rainbow Poppies (Success)

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Hand-drawn and printed on premium cardstock with gold foil details, each seed packet features a to/from and custom message area on the back along with an explanation of the floriography meaning behind the botanical for the perfect all-in-one gift. Seeds are sourced sustainably from partners in Canada, all seeds are organic / non-GMO.

VINTAGE RAINBOW POPPIES // SUCCESS Eschscholzia californica • ANNUAL These poppies are uniquely bell-shaped and bloom in a rainbow of vintage-hued colours - apricot, salmon, white & gold. Well-adapted to dry conditions, the poppy is drought-tolerant & low maintenance. Their ability to thrive despite challenges symbolizes our own potential for succeeding with determination. May these bright blooms inspire you to persevere and achieve what success means to you. Contains: Approximately 50 seeds. 

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