Collection: Sparkling Waters & Prebiotic Sodas

Sparkling water is incredibly refreshing and versatile. The bubbles can add a pleasant mouthfeel, enhance flavours and make the drinking experience more interesting. Some people find that the carbonation in sparkling water can aid in digestion or help relieve bloating or indigestion. And for those looking to cut down on caffeine or avoid sugary drinks, sparkling water can be a great alternative to some of the not-so-good-for-you options out there. We carry our favourite options on the market -- those local companies creating quality flavours with real ingredients and giving back wherever possible.

Prebiotic drinks, including prebiotic sodas like Crazy D's, Olipop and Poppi as well as mixes, are an easy, convenient, and tasty way to get more prebiotic fibers into your diet to help support a healthy gut microbiome.