Heyo! I'm Dana, your resident sober + vegan weirdo here at With Grace. Pictured above with my amazing partner in all things parenting, business and life in general, Scott.

Thanks for stopping by. We are both sober for our own unique reasons and we appreciate that there is a whole myriad of reasons for someone visiting a non-alcoholic marketplace. Whatever yours may be, we're glad you found us.

My own sober journey began in July 2019 when I came to the realization that I had become a spectator of my own life. I was no longer in control of my actions and I had to make some real changes to how I was living my life - the biggest being to no longer drink to get drunk.

Since then, A LOT has changed in my life and the challenges of change haven't all been easy -- sometimes really, really hard -- but it has all proven to be worthwhile. I am now in a confident place in my sobriety where I can reclaim everything I loved about the before times while doing away with the dependencies I thought were necessary. It's a pretty magical place to be.

With or without booze, life is not without its challenges and I have had to come to terms with the reality that I cannot save the world from pain and suffering, at least not on my own, but I can create the space I want to live in. A space of generosity, respect, action, compassion and energy (grace), that's where this store comes in.

With Grace is built on the foundation of letting go of old ideas. We want to make sober options and plant-based pairings more accessible to all. To create a judgment-free space where people can try mindful alternatives with open, curious minds and without pressure. Your choices are yours, we just want to share/celebrate what works for us and to let the world know that there are phenomenal options available.

We are very excited to officially open shop doors this spring and welcome you to follow the journey of starting a new small business through Instagram and through our (sometimes all-too-candid) blog posts. For more info on the sober-curious movement check out our FAQs page.

The shop is located in Frenchman's Bay, Pickering, Ontario on the indigenous land of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee), Anishinabewaki, Mississauagas of the Credit First Nation, and the Wendake-Nionwntsïo.

Hope to see you soon.

With grace,