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The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder HEMP and ROOT

The Pathfinder HEMP and ROOT

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LOVE THIS!! Smells like a spirit. Tastes like a spirit. Mixes like a spirit. <0.5% ABV. 700ml. Enjoy the thrill of throwing back a dram of the world's finest non-alcoholic spirit, with none of the headaches. Fits right into your favorite cocktail bar as well as your home bar cart.

THE PATHFINDER Hemp & Root is a fermented and distilled liquid with the intense flavor and aromatic characteristics of a spirit, with none of the harmful effects of alcoholic beverages. In drinks, we recommend Hemp & Root in our signature spritz recipe, but it can also be taken as a shot, sipped neat, served on the rocks, or used to modify a multitude of classic cocktails. In other words, it fits right into the back bar of your favorite cocktail destination as well as it does your home bar cart.

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